Breaking: Helicopter Crashed in Ikeja, Lagos


Tragedy struck this afternoon in Ikeja as an helicopter crashed on a perimeter fence separating two buildings on Salvation Street, Opebi in Ikeja area of Lagos. The helicopter was carrying 3 crew members as at the time of the crashed. Unconfirmed reports said two crew members died while the lone survival remain unconscious. Images from the site show three bodies recovered by crowds lying on stretchers provided by St Ive Hospital which is a building away from the crash site.

An eye witness who was at the scene said, he saw the helicopter rumbling in the sky searching for an open space to land before coming down. He though the helicopter would land in the Lagos state school field which is closer to the crash site, unfortunately, the chopper came down.

The school children who were writing their exams were forced to evacuate the school immediately after the crash.

Emergency response from Lagos State Emergency Agency, FAAN & Lagos State fire fighter, the police, LASMA and other emergency agency were at the site of the crash which was cordoned off.

Watch the videos:



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