Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila
Speaker of the House of Representatives

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila has told the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria Zhou Pingjian on Friday that Nigeria will not allow the maltreatment of her citizens living in China and equally demanded an end to their inhumane treatment.

It will be recalled in a viral video that Nigerians and other Africans living in China well forced out of their houses and hotels for another round of 14 days Covid-19 quarantine following the previous 14 days spent for the same purpose.

Gbajabiamila Tell Chinese Ambassador “We won’t Allow Maltreatment of Nigerians”

Speaker Gbajabiamila with Chinese Envoy, Zhou PingjianGbajabiamila made the Chinese envoy look into viral videos from Beijing showing Nigerians been rounded up with their passports seized and then forced out of their houses and hotels by Chinese police.

He further said,

“If the diplomatic relationship between our two countries is for the mutual benefits of our citizens, then there must be respect for our citizens and we should not compromise it.

“As a government, we will not allow Chinese or other nationals to be maltreated just as we will not allow Nigerians to be maltreated in other countries. The way you treat your citizens, we expect that’s how you’ll treat others.

“We will not tolerate our citizens breaking your laws, but the crime of one citizen cannot be used to stigmatize the whole country. It appears that was what happened in this case. You can’t use one brush to smear the whole wall. Whatever the reason, it cannot be used and taken out on the entire Nigerian community in China.”

The ambassador of China in response said,

“We take our relationship with Nigeria very seriously. Until we receive a full report back home, I cannot act, but I can assure you it is not a policy issue. We treat everyone equally, but during the implementation of the COVID-19 measures in China, it is possible for some incidents, all I do is to take it back home.”

The Speaker gave the Chinese ambassador till Tuesday to get back to the legislature, adding that he hoped the Chinese medical team that arrived Nigeria on Wednesday were in quarantine. The meeting also had in attendance the Minority Leader, Ndudi Elumelu, and the Deputy Minority Leader, Toby Okechukwu.


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